The first in his family to graduate college, Steve rose to the top of the corporate ladder to Vice President of Sales for a Fortune 500 Company. During those 16 years, Steve’s inner creative voices would not quiet themselves. In between raising a family, meetings, conference calls and long hours in airports, Steve would write rough drafts to several books and songs he loves to play. He recorded in his journal many thoughts, ideas, inventions, and even created business plans for new companies, but only dabbled with the idea of painting on canvas. Finally, as a weekend stress reliever from his fast paced world, Steve began to paint on the weekends and at night. It was quickly realized that his talent was much more than mere "dabbling" but rather a true talent to be shared. Steve’s art took on many transformations as did he; no two pieces are alike. With Steve’s technique it is all but impossible to recreate one piece to the next. The beauty and depths of his painting added to the energy that flows through each piece.  In just a short time his shows have become very successful and the choice to live life as an artist was made.