KATHLEEN HOPE - Fountain Hills, AZ

Kathleen Hope is a mixed media artist based in Fountain Hills, Arizona. Working primarily with cement, plaster, acrylic and inks on canvas or board. Hope’s work is richly textured, organic and contemporary.

Kathleen's work is influenced by her diverse background in Interior Design and Color Psychology. She says a work of art should feel “lived in” just like your home. Hope’s art fuses all what intrigues and inspires her. Every painting has different color combinations that link to our everyday changing emotions. Purposeful color and design is essential for her artistic expression and is a lifelong pursuit and passion She works in the moment. The paintings must be free to reveal themselves. The best works are those that seem to simply happen.  

Kathleen's overall approach to art is best described by Matisse. “The choice of my color is based on observation, on feeling and experience of sensibility”.